We process the raw material pellets into finished product, we control every production step down to every single detail.

Our products are designed with the customer, and we select the ideal material type for the customer's needs. The final product can be costumized in size, thickness, and in the printing in order to fulfill individual desires.

Working phases

There are several different working phases:

Phase of extrusion
the polyethylene or biopolymer granules are melted to a semi-finished transparent or printed film,
which can be adapted to all the packaging requirements.

Printing phase
The film enters now the printing phase. You can choose different prints, such as general motives or
personalized prints with the customer's logo.

Welding phase
In this phase, the cut and welded, semi-finished product becomes the finished product (bag, shopper,
sheet, etc.)

the finished product is properly packaged and stored on pallets, ready for delivery.




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